External Documentations

External Documentation

CML 2001

University Leiden


EcoIndicator 99:

PRé Consultants


Market prices:

U.S. Department of Commerce

U.S. Census Bureau


EDIP 97 and EDIP 2003 (LCA Center Denmark)



Impact 2002+ (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne),



TRACI – The Tool for the Reduction and Assessment of Chemicals and other environmental Impacts (US Environmental Protection Agency)



ReCiPe (RIVM, CML, PRé Consultants, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)


Documentation of Land Use Indicator Values in GaBi


Land Use Indicator Value Calculation Tool (LANCA )


Documentation of Life Cycle Working Environment in GaBi




TRUCOST Natural Capital Accounting global coefficients

Ute Vogt, GUT

"During the course of the external verification it was identified that one of the chosen datasets was unsuitable. thinkstep supported us by getting the right dataset with updated allocation data as quickly as possible. Due to the appreciated  solution oriented support we were able to finalize our project in due time."

Ute Vogt, GUT- Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichboden