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GaBi Envision

GaBi Envision – smart solution enabling LCA applications for everybody easily

GaBi Envision supports the generation of:


any type of environmental footprinting be it carbon footprinting, water footprinting,…

traditional LCAs

EPDs according to any EPD system holder (e.g. IBU)


GaBi Envision comes with latest and most modern UI technology to access:


detailed LCA models for individual configuration

any level of result presentation for a comprehensive understanding

 a detailed report defined according to your needs for an effective communication


GaBi Envision is a solution which allows all departments in an organization to create and access LCA results within minutes.

→ GaBi Envision configuration tool for LCA/EPD 


GaBi Envision is an ideal platform for associations to enable all members to perform consistently individual product LCAs safeguarding confidential information.

→ GaBi Envision LCA/EPD platform for associations 


GaBi Envision fuels LCA/EPD automation acting as calculation engine connected or integrated into existing IT systems like CAD, PLM or ERP systems.

→ GaBi Envision for LCA/EPD automation 

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