GaBi Envision

GaBi Envision – smart solution enabling LCA applications for everybody easily

GaBi Envision supports the generation of:


any type of environmental footprinting be it carbon footprinting, water footprinting,…

traditional LCAs

EPDs according to any EPD system holder (list all EPD system holders)


GaBi Envision comes with latest and most modern UI technology to access:


detailed LCA models for individual configuration

any level of result presentation for a comprehensive understanding

 a detailed report defined according to your needs for an effective communication


GaBi Envision is a solution which allows all departments in an organization to create and access LCA results within minutes.

→ GaBi Envision configuration tool for LCA/EPD 


GaBi Envision is an ideal platform for associations to enable all members to perform consistently individual product LCAs safeguarding confidential information.

→ GaBi Envision LCA/EPD platform for associations 


GaBi Envision fuels LCA/EPD automation acting as calculation engine connected or integrated into existing IT systems like CAD, PLM or ERP systems.

→ GaBi Envision for LCA/EPD automation 


GaBi Envision is the intuitive, fast and easy solution for your company to integrate LCA in the product design process, to effectively communicate environmental impacts of your products and to quickly evaluate ‘what-if’ scenarios in product and process designs.


GaBi Envision provides an easy user interface to access detailed LCA models and create different product design scenarios based on key sustainability attributes. It allows product designers and engineers to quickly and accurately test the impact of different variables (such as material selection, region of product manufacture, processing steps and transportation routes), on the sustainability performance of products without needing deep technical know-how. 


GaBi Envision also supports in marketing, sales as well as strategic decision making within companies.


thinkstep offers GaBi Envision as an online tool for easy access throughout the company or as a desktop application, which can be used offline.


Benefits: Envision shows you the impacts of your material choices and manufacturing scenarios. Designing the environmental performance of a product should be done as early as in the design stage, because at this stage you can still consider different options and change the product. At a loter stage this is often not possible anymore or much more expensive.

References: Arla Foods

Suitable Envision version: GaBi Envision (web) or GaBi Envision (desktop)

Association projects

GaBi Envision (web) can be used to spread and gather LCA relevant data from different companies in worldwide associations. All association members can use the same GaBi Envision tool to create LCA’s or EPD’s for their products and to benchmark themselves against the calculated average. GaBi Envision (web) comes with a highly flexible set of user rights to guarantee the highest security standards for sensitive data.


Benefits: Shared costs for all association members, highest security standards. Worldwide availability. Benchmarking against industry average without revealing the own specific data.


Suitable version: GaBi Envision (web)

Automated EPD Creation

GaBi Envision provides an easy to use interface to create EPD’s for all your products. You can specify, which parameters of your products should be configurable and create easily EPD’s for any product configuration you like. The only thing you need to do is to set the parameters of your product configuration. You can do this manually or import the values from Excel or integrate GaBi Envision with an electronic interface (API) into your IT system to do this fully automatically for your whole product portfolio, without any manual work.


Benefits: GaBi Envision can be configured by an expert to represent exactly the product configuration you need. This can be done for virtually every product, like air planes, elevators, food recipes, chemical plants, construction materials etc., all specifically and individually configurable. Each specific Envision solution can run through a system verification, so that all EPD’s created with this solution are already 3rd party verified. This allows an automatic creation and publication of EPD’s for all your products.


Suitable Envision version: GaBi Envision can be used by single users as a desktop application. It can also be used as an online tool in a browser with hundreds of users, collaborating with each other and gathering data from multiple sources.  In the web application the product configuration parameters can also be imported from Excel. The electronic interface (API) of the web application also allows fully automated system integration, automated calculations and data exchange.

Design more sustainable products with GaBi Envision

Watch our free webinar replay to gain valuable insight how to deliver more sustainable products, reduce costs and enhance your brand.

Webinar - Design more sustainable products with GaBi Envision

Webinar - Design more sustainable products with GaBi Envision

Watch our webinar: Design more sustainable products with GaBi Envision


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