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GaBi Databases 2016 Edition

All datasets of the GaBi Databases 2016 Edition have been fully refreshed and now contain the latest technological information, giving you the peace of mind you are working with the most current data available on the market.

At thinkstep we follow an ABCD process:
•    All supply chains recalculated
•    Broad refresh of data across all branches accounting for changes in methodologies, technologies and political developments.
•    Compliance and standardization concerning ISO, EN, ILCD, PEF is addressed
•    Documentation more detailed than ever (data, method,  application for standards, review process, QA routine, changes with upgrade)

Features GaBi Databases 2016 Edition

Fully refreshed database content
•    All datasets of the database 2016 edition have been fully refreshed to represent current technology, legislation and supply chains.
•    More detailed documentation has been added at the LCI level.
•    Changes are documented in the >> Database Upgrade 2016 document.

Independent 3rd party review process for GaBi databases continues with DEKRA
More than 1,600 new LCI datasets have been added
•    The GaBi Professional database grew considerably, with 154 scope 2 & 3 electricity datasets, 88 associations, 42 future grid mixes, 14 capital goods datasets and parametrized plans and 3 waste water treatment parameterized plans.
•    The Construction extension database grew by: 50 EPDs, 660 European Construction datasets
•    377 US LCI datasets were added, along with 88 new thinkstep datasets
•    Additional LCI content was added to:, Renewables, Electronics, Plastics and Intermediates
•    The total number of datasets is now in excess of 10,000
LCIA update, standards/compliance support
•    CML 2015 contains an update of the normalisation factors for Abiotic Resource Depletion of elements for the year 2000 in World and EU25+3. The characterisation factors are not changed, i.e. only normalised results are affected by this update
•    Example: EN 15804 – differentiation of construction data sets into modules in line with this European construction standard (see previous slides)
•    Example: PEF/OEF development of European Commission: PEF/ILCD conform data format and flow list mapping (import and export), documentation (directly in GaBi)

Benefits GaBi Databases 2016 Edition

Gain peace of mind and ensure you’re maintaining a competitive edge secure in the knowledge you are working with the latest data and methodologies.

Base your decisions on the latest and most relevant LCIA data on the market.

Confidence and real peace of mind in the knowledge you are working with the most up to date and comprehensively documented product sustainability data in the world.

Comfort in the knowledge the data and associated governance structure is independently verified.

Create an even greater return on investment. The consistency and transparency of the database methodology mean that clients are able to use GaBi data as a flexible platform or framework to support a whole range of different outcomes.

The significant additions to a range of datasets means you are even more likely to find the right data for your specific needs. You can also be sure this is the most accurate and up to date information of its kind.

Avoid “shocks” due to substantially different data values which occur when the number and type of changes is significant, as happens with datasets that are updated infrequently (3 years plus).

PEF support - Keep your projects on track by receiving the most up to date changes to this evolving standard.

Quickly and easily produce EPDs and whole building LCAs that conform to EN15804. This reduces time and helps to maintain your competitive advantage.

What do I need to do to get my GaBi Databases 2016 Edition upgrade?

Nothing - we’ll deliver it straight to you! On January 27th 2016 all our customers with an annual maintenance contract or subscription license service will receive an automatic upgrade of their software and databases.

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If you have any urgent questions regarding your GaBi upgrade, please don’t hesitate to contact your local GaBi sales representative.

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