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GaBi Database Upgrade 2019

Modelling Documentation

Database Upgrade 2019 - Upgrades and improvements, Details and Reasons for Changes

An introduction to GaBi Database 2019 Edition


GaBi Modelling Principles 2019

Consistency, relevancy, quality, continuity are the main drivers in the GaBi database. The GaBi databases contain over 300 person-years of direct data collection and analysis. With over 1000 person years of experience thinkstep staff contribute constantly to the management and development of the GaBi databases. The goal of the “GaBi Database and Modelling Principles” guide is to transparently document the environment, background, important aspects and details of the GaBi databases, as well as the basis of the models.

GaBi Modelling Principles 2019

Introduction to Water Assessment in GaBi

This document provides an introduction to the latest GaBi water assessment terminology and details on how water use and water consumption can be assessed using GaBi Software.

    Introduction to Water Assessment 2019

Documentation for Duty Vehicle Processes

This documentation describes transportation processes for utility vehicles for the transportation of cargo in [kg] in GaBi.

     Transport Processes in GaBi - Duty Vehicles 2019

Documentation for Passenger Vehicle Processes

This documentation describes transportation processes for gasoline/diesel driven passenger cars in GaBi.

     Transport Processes in GaBi  - Passenger Vehicles 2019

The Land Use Change Emissions in GaBi  Documentation 

     Land Use Change (LUC) in GaBi 2019

The Land Use Inventory (LANCA) in GaBi Documentation

      Land Use (LANCA) in GaBi 2019

The Agriculture LCA Model Documentation

     The agricultural LCA model 2019

Energy modelling in GaBi

     Energy modelling in GaBi 2019

The GaBi refinery model

     The GaBi Refinery Model 2019