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What is Product Environmental Footprinting - PEF?

The European Commission’s launched Environmental Footprinting initiative, also known as the Single Market for Green Products, is designed to harmonize the many different methodologies available to calculate and communicate environmental information.
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PEF test kit

For those of our GaBi users working on PEF projects we have developed the “PEF test kit”, a format that allows you to test your products against the PEF guidelines.


It consists of methodological features that were discussed and evaluated in the pilot phases of PEF. With the kit, GaBi users could use and test the different methodological aspects to understand impacts on their LCA work, and to contribute to the methodological discussion led by the European Commission. Now that the pilot phases are about to end and the supporting studies are finished, the methodological PEF guidelines will be finalized and with it the topics in question. Therefore, the PEF test kit is not needed anymore.

The features of the PEF test kit that proved useful are of course integrated into the regular GaBi databases - for example the regionalization of water resource depletion and the assessment of land use with the SOM method.


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