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"PE INTERNATIONAL's consultancy and the SoFi software are the perfect devices to structure and efficiently implement badenova's environmental and waste management systems. With SoFi, our complex data collection structure and high demands for reporting can be surmounted efficiently and clearly within a single software system. Data acquisition and analysis with SoFi has proved to simple, quick and effective." Anke Held badenova


About our customer

The Badenova company provides heating, electricity and water for the area of SĂĽdbaden in Southern Germany (the Black Forrest region).

It has to guarantee the daily supply for more than 600,000 gas customers and more than 260,000 electricity and water consumers. Badenova, which formed from the merger of six local energy providers in 2001, employs over 1,000 people and has a natural gas network that spans over 7,000 km.


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