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GaBi Plan Editor

GaBi Plan Editor

On a GaBi plan you can depict your process chains as they are in real-life using the smart graphical editor.

Nestle plans within other plans to include several layers of detail in your model while still to maintaining a clear overview on top level.


Select an object and see it’s properties in the collapsible panel on the right, for example, to assign groupings.


While you’re modeling, the Search engine’s auto-find feature will support you. Drag your mouse into the white space in your model and the Search engine window will open automatically making suggestions for objects that might fill the gap.

You can even make first screening analyses in the GaBi Plan Editor:

  • The Sankey diagram feature gives a quick overview of mass, energy or even your cost flows. You can also add your own quantities and display them in this way too.
  • The customisable Life Cycle Impact Assessment preview appearing on the bottom right of each object allows a screening of the largest of contributors.

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