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Convert - mandatory requirements into business advantages

Improve – internal cohesion and interdepartmental performance

Embed – Life Cycle Thinking into your organisations operations

Communicate – more effectively internally and externally

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What is Design for Environment & Ecodesign?

Design for Environment (DfE) and Ecodesign blend environmental aspects into product design and development at product conception to enhance environmental performance throughout its lifecycle.
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Details of Benefits

Assert your competitive advantages by optimising not only technical and economic criteria, but also ecological aspects e.g. energy consumption, emissions or recycling potentials through Design for Environment / Ecodesign.

Convert mandatory requirements into business values and advantages by displaying your environmenta performance, finding weak points and priority fields of action and enhancing energy efficiency.

Improve the coordination between your development, production, marketing and environment departments with the help of Design for Environment / Ecodesign.

Foster understanding of Life Cycle Thinking and integrate it into daily business practices on all levels.

Improve internal and external environmental communication with reliable information

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