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Product Environmental Footprinting - PEF

What is a Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)?

The European Commission launched the Environmental Footprinting initiative, also known as the Single Market for Green Products. It is designed to harmonize the many different methodologies available to calculate and communicate environmental information.


  • The initiative released two guidelines, one of which – the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) – outlines how to calculate and communicate the environmental footprint of products.
  • GaBi Software users are well-positioned; the main requirements specified for the PEF pilot phase are implemented and available in current GaBi Software and Databases – they can be used by companies to officially pilot the PEF methodology.
  • The PEF initiative uses life cycle based methodology built on the International Life Cycle Reference Database (ILCD) Handbook and the ILCD format. ILCD format is a set way of providing LCI data such that it can be easily transferred between LCA practitioners and, more importantly, software systems. All GaBi datasets are already in ILCD format. Our expectation is that PEF projects will formally rely on ILCD format data in the future.
  • GaBi Software comes with an ILCD data exchange functionality built in. Compliance with the ILCD format is essential for the creation of Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) results so that these can be shared with reviewers, the European Commission, and other stakeholders.
  • GaBi Software creates PEF results in ILCD format. With this interface, any GaBi dataset can be easily exported and exchanged with other practitioners and other software systems. ILCD format data from other systems can also be imported into GaBi.

Calculate and communicate your Product Environmental Footprint with GaBi Software 

Get ready for Product Environmental Footprint with GaBi Software and LCA Databases.


  • ILCD – compliant data format, documentation and flow nomenclature
  • Communicate – to stakeholders in PEF required format
  • Easy – and open data exchange across your value chain
  • Faster – reporting and communication 


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