GaBi manages flows (substances, materials) in a tree structure referred to as the flow group hierarch.

In the GaBi system, flows carry basic information for different types of balances (e.g. mass, energy, active, economic balances, etc.) and are used by GaBi processes as inputs or outputs. Flows are used in GaBi process plans to connect consecutive unit processes. In GaBi balances, information can be viewed to a maximum depth of detail at the flow (input/output) level.

Gabi Balance:

The GaBi system calculates balances using the data provided in processes or process plans and allows you to perform multiple analyses of balances. A GaBi balance compares all inputs for one or several balance objects with its outputs. The balance object type was fundamentally reworked. An added feature is the assessment of LCC and LCWE information and many useful functions such as the hierarchal view according to groupings or freely definable balance views.