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The latest release of the ecoinvent LCI database version 3.6 contains new, revised and updated datasets as well as improved representations of supply chains. The ecoinvent integrated extension database with all aggregated and unit process data sets of the APOS model, is fully integrated in our GaBi software: ecoinvent's flow hierarchy is completely matched to the GaBi flow hierarchy for a full compatibility with all GaBi Databases.

For more info please visit the ecoinvent website here.

ecoinvent database

thinkstep is a reseller of the Swiss based ecoinvent Life Cycle Inventory LCI database.

Experts at thinkstep have integrated the ecoinvent database into the GaBi databases format by mapping the flow nomenclature and relevant impact information.


The ecoinvent database provides access to unit processes as well as to cradle to gate inventories covering different industrial areas.


ecoinvent contains international industrial life cycle inventory data on energy supply, resource extraction, material supply, chemicals, metals, agriculture, waste management services, and transport services.

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