GaBi i-report creator

GaBi i-report creator

GaBi i-report creator allows you to build interactive reports (i-reports) based on your GaBi results.

Parameters you’ve built into your model are accessible in a report interface – change your parameter values, your report will update automatically.


An i-report consists of two parts:

  1. A parameter input interface where your model’s parameter values can be adjusted.
  2. Your report which displays - in real-time - the updated results according to the parameter values.

A function-rich tool box is available for you to define the content of your GaBi i-report.

Configure your i-report with:

  • Standard report structures such as chapters, text paragraphs, headers and footers, corporate logos
  • GaBi objects which will update according to your parameter values, such as plans, graphs, tables, even text variables.


Use GaBi i-reports:

  • For standardised reporting - fashion your company-specific standard template for LCA results communication and use it again and again on different GaBi models. Convert reports to a .pdf or rich text format (.rtf) file and send them to colleagues.

  • As a scenario analysis tool – adjust parameter values and compare different scenarios side-by-side. You can even create subsets of parameter values.

With the GaBi Publisher (an add-on product to GaBi) you can export your i-reports and a condensed version of the underlying model out of GaBi and make them available to non-GaBi users.

This opens up a wide range of possible applications:

  • Get more people involved with understanding the environmental impacts of the products you produce.
  • Empower more people in your organisation to evaluate which design scenario will give your product the best environmental performance, thereby integrating LCA into the product design process.


Non-GaBi users can view your i-reports in the GaBi Envision. GaBi Envision (desktop) is a great tool for individuals, groups will benefit from the sophisticated GaBi Envision (web) which automatically converts your i-reports into a web-based eco-design tool – it’s an expert tool for non-LCA experts.

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