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The professional database is the standard database provided with the GaBi software. It is the most robust life cycle inventory on the market.

Professional Database

The professional database is the standard database provided with the GaBi software. It is the most robust life cycle inventory on the market.

The GaBi professional database is regularly updated and is derived from industry sources, scientific knowledge, technical literature, and internal patent information creating a solid foundation for assessing your materials, products, services and processes.

Database content:


Contains a huge amount of thinkstep data, as well as association and industry data

Includes 3,908 processes and 95 plans, predominantly cradle-to-gate, as well as parameterized unit processes to support your modelling

  • organic and inorganic chemicals
  • metals
  • plastics
  • wood and wood products
  • power generation
  • transport
  • production techniques
  • end of life processes

Contains GaBi plans (or systems) for setting up your own customised power grid mixes.

All standard impact categories are included, such as CML, ReCipe, EDIP, TRACI , IO2+, UBP, EF 2.0 (for EF calculations), Usetox, IPCC AR5, Odour, AADP ...

With regionalized water consumption and land use inventory data in all aggregated data sets – EF compliant, for modern impact methods such as AWARE, LANCA, WSI

IAI Aluminium Data available in GaBi Professional Database
The life cycle inventory data for the primary aluminium industry from the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) is available in GaBi.

The data include 33 unit processes, from bauxite mining, alumina production and electrolysis—with its anode and paste production—to ingot casting for the following regions: global, South America, Oceania, North America, Canada, the Middle East, the EU and China.

Aggregated cradle-to-gate datasets (aluminium ingots at producer) are also included for the following regions: global, Canada, Middle East, Russia and China. Aluminium-specific electricity grid mixes for China and the Middle East complete the datasets.

All datasets are based on IAI publications and additional information that IAI provided to thinkstep. For publications see:

IMOA Molybdenum Data available in GaBi Professional Database
The updated GaBi Professional Database (as of July 9th, 2019) consists of new molybdenum LCI data from the International Molybdenum Association (IMOA).

There are 3 aggregated molybdenum datasets: Ferromolybdenum (FeMo), Roasted Molybdenite Concentrate (Technical Grade Molybdenum Oxide), Roasted Molybdenite Concentrate Briquette (Technical Grade Molybdenum Oxide Briquette).
Read more about IMOA's life cycle assessment program.

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NEW: Molybdenum LCI Datasets from IMOA

Molybdenum LCI data from IMOA

3 molybdenum related datasets provided by the International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) are now included in the GaBi Professional Database. Scroll down to read more!

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