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GaBi Envision Web Version History

Envision 4.0

Release date: 2019-06-02

What’s new in GaBi Envision 4.0?

New Functions

Background Calculation Jobs (Queuing):

Faster throughput due to multiple calculation engines running in parallel

Specify your parameter configurations & submit calculations

Continue with other things in Envision in parallel while calculations run

Come back at any time to quickly view the cached results

More calculation engines can be added, when need increases (scalable architecture)

Permanent What If Studies

Save multiple parameter constellations with the report as “studies”

Analyze the results at any time

Publish as report, when you are satisfied with a new configuration

Save up to 10 studies with a report

For administrators: monitor and administer the calculation queue


Templates: Now possible for a user to change values and save as new report

Move calculate button to Open Report - Parameter section so it is always available

Improved responsive design to allow better use on smaller devices

For better security: changing the owner of a report is restricted to Admins
Bubble charts are now square


Mouseover text in parameter view now doesn't clutter page

Better error handling and messages for the user

Recalculation doesn't add hidden scenario again

Admin Help file now available for administrators again

Improved handling of special characters (e.g. German Umlaute) for report names


Leave max. number of parallel calculations per user/report empty or set to a reasonable high value (e.g. 10)


Security compliance:

Administrator help file only available for administrators

Links to Imprint (Impressum) & Privacy Policy

Obsolete features

PDF Chapters not available anymore due to queueing

Threshold for giving up on opening a report is set to 60 minutes - report will be marked as "Failed"

SoFi Bridge is not supported anymore

Anonymous access not available anymore

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team:
support spamgeschützt @ spamgeschützt

Envision 2.5

Release date: 2013-07-31
The update mainly focuses on improving usability.

What’s new in the upcoming GaBi Envision release?

Preview charts

  • Line diagrams: The preview charts are now available as line diagrams.
  • Social indicators: The preview mode now also includes charts for social indicators.
  • Fix of erroneous preview in weak point analysis: On rare occasions, the “weak point analysis” functionality of the i-report creator has displayed different values, chart types and colors in preview charts and pdfs. Results are now displayed consistently in both preview and pdf report.

Excel interface

  • Scenario names: Importing Excel sheets into GaBi Envision caused some troubles if scenario names like “01”, “02” etc. were used. This is fixed and works smoothly now.
  • Parameter names: Now you can use special characters in parameter names (like “A & B” or “01 & 02” or with characters like <, > etc.).


  • Unique parameter IDs: Parameters are now assigned a unique identification number to make recognition easier. This could be the case if you e.g. had several parameters with the same name on the same plan, within the same group (e.g. 20 parameters with the same name like “distance” without any further differentiation in the name or comment).


  • Compatibility with file types: GaBi Envision can now differentiate between the old file type (.gbm) and the new file type (.gbmx) of i-reports. This improves the download capabilities and compatibility for parallel use in the GaBi Envision desktop version.
  • Adoption of role changes: Sometimes changes in the role permissions have not been adopted directly. Now all changes are saved and adopted immediately.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team:
support spamgeschützt @ spamgeschützt

Version 2.0 (web version)

Release date: 2012-10-29

Improved data entry and reporting functions

Excel integration
This new feature enables you to manage your parameters in an Excel file. All model parameters can be exported to Excel where values can be entered or calculated offline. Once complete they can be reimported into GaBi Envision easily since the system automatically matches the Excel file to the correct report. You can even design your own Excel tools which can be published and provided to others in connection with your reports (please be aware that you need to maintain the original position of cells for a correct import). Many of our customers requested this functionality for data collection (e.g. average calculation), or the calculation of complex parameters with formulas.


Save single report chapters
In addition to saving the entire report, you now can save parts of a report and even single chapters as rtf/pdf. This will simplify the work with extensive reports like EPD reports.


Faster data entry


  • Better copy/paste possibilities for text, charts and tables between GaBi Envision and other software products like Microsoft office.
  • Open files via double-click.
  • Instead of pressing “OK” in dialogue windows you can now use the enter-key.
  • Refresh folders by clicking the new refresh button.


Scenario management
Easily manage your scenarios in the scenario panel – you now only need one click to add, re-organize or remove scenarios.


Compatible with all i-report versions
GaBi Envision is now able to import all i-reports, independent of the GaBi version in which they were created (both gbmx and gbm files).


Improved user administration

User rights for sub-folders
This was a development wished for by customers with many reports and users. Now, user rights for folders and reports are more flexible and can be denied or explicitly granted for individual folders.


Auto- password generation
With the creation of new users, passwords are now generated automatically. This means substantial time savings for customers with a large number of users.


Account security
User accounts are locked after repeatedly entering an incorrect password in a certain period of time (brute force protection). The admin can now unlock the user account so that users can avoid the security lock down period.

New drag and drop file management

Better administration of reports
Files are now easily managed with drag & drop and double-click. The publication status (editable or published) is indicated with a color code.

New auto-save feature

Save your work in progress
This new auto-save function saves your work in progress in case of interruptions or logout due to a period of inactivity