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Eco-Indicator 95 RF

Description of the Eco-Indicator 95 RF Method



For the Eco-Indicator 95 RF method the same description applies than for the Eco-Indicator 95 method according to Goedkoop (see description "Eco-Indicator 95 method").

It represents an extention by Rolf Frischknecht (RF) to include the "ionising radiation" impact category.


Normalisation and evaluation with Eco-Indicator 95 RF


The Eco-Indicator 95 (EI’95) was extended by Rolf Frischknecht (RF) to include the "ionising radiation" impact category. This documentation deals with the implementation of the Eco-Indicator 95 RF (EI’95 RF) in GaBi.


For the normalisation and evaluation according to EI’95 RF, the "ionising radiation" was added in addition to the impact categories that are necessary for the EI’95. This is marked in the GaBi databeses with the addition "(EI’95 RF)".


The equivalent values for individual emission can be read in GaBi in the appropriate "ionising radiation" field (EI’95 RF).


After the classification with the impact categories a next step is the normalisation. For the normalisation in EI’95, the annual European contributions per inhabitant of the appropriate impact category are taken into account. In adaptation of this, Frischknecht uses the annual European values without reference to the inhabitants. This means that the resulting Eco-Indicator points are expressed in 10-9 points, whereas the original EI’95 values for e.g. metal or plastic materials, are in the range of millipoints per kilogram of material.


As an alternative to this normalisation key, an "Eco-Indicator 95 (RF) adapted" key was prepared. The reason for this is that the inventories on nuclear power in GaBi are different from those used by Frischknecht. For the adapted key, the annual European equivalent value for ionising radiation is determined with the inventory on which GaBi is based, as this is different from the inventory used by Frischknecht as it regards the radioactive emissions. Frischknecht indicates the value 2,9*1012 MJ as the annual European electricity consumption from nuclear power stations, and this was taken for determining the adapted equivalent value.


In a further step, the normalised results can be evaluated according to EI’95 RF. According to Frischknecht, a "evaluation key" serves for this. This key is also based on the Eco-Indicator 95. Frischknecht takes the evaluation factor for the ionising radiation analogous to the damage functions of the EI’95. More information can be found on the following literature.





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