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The ReCiPe LCA methodology was created by RIVM, CML , PRé Consultants, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen and CE Delft. The group of authors include the developers of the CML 2001 and Ecoindicator 99 methodologies.

ReCiPe can be seen as a fusion of the two methodologies, taking the midpoint indicators from CML and the endpoint indicators from Ecoindicator.


ReCiPe determine indicators at two levels; midpoint and endpoint indicators. The idea is that the user can choose the level of the results:

  1. Eighteen midpoint indicators; low uncertainty but difficult to interpret. The midpoint indicators are similar to what is used in the CML methodology: Climate change, acidification, eutrophication etc.
  2. Three endpoint indicators; easy to understand but more uncertain. The endpoint indicators are similar to what is used in the Ecoindicator 99 methodology: Damage to Human health, ecosystems, and resource availability

PE INTERNATIONAL AG and LBP-GaBi cannot be held responsible for any of this information and data.


Normalisation is developed both for the midpoint and endpoint indicators


[1] Characterisation and normalisation

All factors can be downloaded on the ReCiPe website:

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