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GaBi Databases 2018 Edition

All GaBi ts datasets included in the GaBi Databases 2018 Edition have been fully refreshed with the most current, consistent energy data and the latest available technological information, giving you the peace of mind that you continue to work with the best data available on the market. The content has been enriched with nearly 1,000 new datasets, bringing the total to almost 12,000 datasets. These were derived from an underlying database containing several times as many unit process datasets, by far the largest LCI data industry coverage worldwide. And, already since the 2017 Edition, regionalized water and land use data are included throughout the GaBi databases and can be used with your own regional water consumption information. Compliance and standardization concerning ISO 14040 /14044 / 14025, EN 15804, ILCD, PEF/OEF has been further advanced, and the dataset-internal documentation is more detailed than in previous versions. Continue reading to learn more about these and other improvements in this year’s content upgrade. 

Features GaBi Databases 2018 Edition


Fully refreshed database content

  • All datasets of the 2018 edition have been fully refreshed to represent thelatest energy and technology information, legislation and supply chains.  With GaBi ts data, you are assured you are using the most up-to-date data available. This includes, among others:
  1. Energy mix and production data updates, globally
  2. Changed global supply chains e.g. for precious metals
  3. Updated multi-year average metal and renewables prices for use e.g. in economic allocation
  4. Harmonization and update of steel, deionised water, DE waste                      incineration, heat pumps, particles from sand & quartz mining, etc. etc.
  5. Revising the use of now banned substances under the Montreal protocol, updating US fuel economy data and waste water data, adding data sets of Euro 6 passenger cars and trucks, etc.
  6. Updating mapping files for all elementary flows to/from the ILCD flow list used in the European Commission’s PEF/OEF context

  • More detailed documentation has been added at the LCI level (data, method, compliance with standards, reviews, QA steps and quality indicators, changes due to the upgrade) with the GaBi documentation using the ILCD documentation structure directly inside each data set, you gain efficient and structured access to all details of what each data set represents, how it has been modelled, data sources, achieved data quality (with a set of data quality indicators), review information, and compliance (e.g. with ISO 14040 and 14044 for all our own datasets and ILCD data network entry-level for a selection). Did you know that you can browse the entire documentation?
  • Changes are documented in the important Upgrades and Improvement PDFIt provides you with information on relevantly affected datasets or groups of datasets, the extent of changes in terms of changed impact results (for most cases), as well as reasons for the changes. Glance through the report to check for any changes that might affect your models and to stay on top of your results and analyses.

Nearly 1,000 new LCI datasets have been added, including:
Professional database: 34 new plans, 189 new processes -
World region transport mix plans, Euro 6 passenger cars, updated fuel economy US trucks, wood products, …

Extension database II, Energy: 152 new processes - Country-specific thermal energy and steam, ...

Extension database IX, End of Life: 413 new processes -Material and country-specific waste-to-energy incineration data sets

Extension database XIV, Construction materials: 45 new processes - EPDs from various companies with a focus on paints, heat pumps, …

Extension database XVII, full US: 156 new processes - Steelframe roof and wall insulations, roofing systems, rubber sheet flooring and wall base, aluminium frame, curtain wall, cement, gravel, limestone, laticrete, on site combustion, EPDM and TPO based membranes, concrete masonry, regional waste-water-treatment plants, …

Jointly 1 new plan and 14 new processes were added to the extension databases XX, Food&Feed, XXI India, XI Electronics, Ib Inorganics.


  • The total number of datasets is now close to 12,000


Standards/compliance support (Examples)


  • All GaBi/ts data sets conform to ISO 14040 and 14044, similar to basically all other datasets from third parties that we distribute
  • The water flows and land use flows of all GaBi ts relevant processes are regionalized, allowing you to perform advanced water scarcity methodologies with the EF-compliant AWARE and the EF-compliant land use method LANCA, e.g. under the Environmental Footprint (PEF/OEF).
  • All existing and newly added datasets in the “Construction” extension database continue to be available in the modular structure of EN 15804, to ensure you can model and develop EPDs in compliance with this essential European construction standard. Note that construction materials in the “Full US” extension database do not implement the European EN 15804, to better support the use in the US.
  • GaBi ts Databases support PEF/OEF compliant studies and modern data exchange, with full ILCD documentation functionality and for your own data sets, with further improved import and export functionalities from/to ILCD in the latest GaBi 8.5 and including an updated mapping of flows, quantities and units to the latest ILCD reference flow list of late 2017.


LCIA Update



  • Updated and corrected LCIA methods ReCiPe 2016 v. 1.1, UseTox 2.1, LANCA, as well as a fully new Odour impact method developed by Chalmers University of Sweden are now available in GaBi with characterization factors for direct use with delivered content (except for the novel Odour method) and with your own data and models.

Benefits GaBi Databases 2018 Edition


Gain peace of mind and ensure you’re maintaining a competitive edge and know that secure in the knowledge you are working with the most up to date and comprehensively documented product sustainability data in the world.

Base your decisions on the latest and most relevant LCIA data on the market.


The significant additions by close to 1000 new datasets means you are even more likely to find the right data for your specific needs. You can also be sure this is the most accurate and up to date information of its kind.


PEF/OEF support - Keep your projects on track by receiving the most up to date changes to this evolving EU policy development.


Quickly and easily produce EPDs and whole building LCAs that conform to EN15804. This reduces time and helps to maintain your competitive advantage.


What do I need to do to get my GaBi Databases 2018 Edition upgrade?


Nothing - we’ll deliver it straight to you!

In February 2018 all our customers with an annual maintenance contract or subscription license service will receive an automatic upgrade of their software and databases.

Note: After that date, if you don’t receive a message that a new version is available, or when you check your GaBi software under “Help/Check for updates on thinkstep” - please contact your local GaBi sales representativeYour license to receive upgrades may have expired.


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