Tailored Training & Workshops

Tailored Training & Workshops

In addition to the regional training courses, the tailored training and workshops are client specific training sessions, customised to your needs and timetable. Browse the training overview below to find out more.

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If you have questions or need help finding the right training session, contact your regional GaBi representative.

>> Introduction to Sustainability and LCA

thinkstep’s one day training gets you up to speed on the concept of LCAs, the relevant standards and how to run a successful LCA project

>> GaBi Jump Start Training

The GaBi Jump Start Training session is designed to introduce new users to the main features and functionalities of GaBi.

>> GaBi Intermediate Training

Building on your existing GaBi knowledge, this intermediate level training will take you one step further. We will look deeper into life cycle methods and specific GaBi features that will accelerate your learning.

>> GaBi Advanced Training

Aimed at existing users, this training provides attendees with valuable tips and techniques to advance their product modelling and GaBi Software skills. It will address life cycle methods in more detail and highlight specific GaBi features that make your LCA work more efficient.

>> Client-specific GaBi Training

GaBi training of any level using examples from your field of interest.

>> LCA & GaBi Coaching

Expert Service Packages are a great way to get expert modelling and project support when you need it most – while you are working on a project.

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Laura Guillon

Laura Guillon

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Fabrizio Buzzega, Emilgroup, Environment, Health & Safety Manager

GaBi Software is a flexible tool that allows to model LCA with method and accuracy. The GaBi training improved knowledge on using the software and was a good opportunity to reflect on and analyze business processes in order to obtain an LCA.