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ILCD data exchange with GaBi, Sept 5, 2013

GaBi Software comes with ILCD data exchange functionality. With this interface, any dataset generated in GaBi can be easily imported, exported, and exchanged with other Product Environmental Footprint systems. Compliance with ILCD format is essential for the creation of Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) results, which can then be shared with reviewers, the European Commission, and other stakeholders. Watch this video to learn all about it.

Q & A webinar July 16


09:36 How are plan parameters used in GaBi? Tips and tricks working with many parameters


15:30 3 questions on Environmental Footprinting
Is there a best practice PEF method?
ILCD divides Global Warming Potential in excl. and incl. biogenic carbon versions. In the default version of ILCD recommendation just the excl. version is set up. Is there a way to add the incl. version to the default?
Will the PEF method use the Bern model for Global Warming Potential and that it is already included in GaBi 6? By which name/category can we find it?


19:52 How to calculate transportation scenarios which include a return trip with no cargo?


24:00 TRACI 2.0 and TRACI 2.1 particulates – different characterization factors in GaBi?


24:48 Why are the modules in the electronics database fixed to the mass of the component and not at a mass of 1 kg?


26:36 Allocation results in flows = 0?


31:00 Do you have some assumptions to do a analysis when missing a mass or material?

Q & A webinar April 24


09:35 How can I do normalization of data?


16:00 Are all the default impact categories of the newly released EU PEF Methodology in GaBi 6.0?


23:15 Why do the truck datasets give a negative POCP impact?


30:40 How to integrate different databases?


39:32 How can I export plans/projects to other PCs?


46:47 How do you document data updates?