Part 3 | Helpful GaBi features

Process recording tool to easily integrate supplier data (14:19)

The process recording tool allows you to easily integrate supplier data into your model. We will look at how to create data collection forms in GaBi and how to send them to your data suppliers in a format that enables you to import them directly into your database.

Copy assistant to accelerate your modelling (13:46)

Replicate entire plan systems including all hierarchy levels, on the click of a button, helping save time and avoid remodeling effort.



Saving plans and scenarios as processes to increase performance (20:00)

This feature is very helpful as it not only makes your plan less complex and easier to understand, it also increases the performance of any calculations.



EPD assistant for faster EPDs (21:45)

The EPD assistant consists of preconfigured reporting templates for EN15804 and FDES (NFEN15804).They allow you to easily report your LCA results in the required EPD format.