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Data on demand

Missing data?

You are in the middle of an LCA project and you can‘t find the right dataset in your database. Maybe you want to include a new material or process in your analysis and need specific data? Don’t use approximations or waste valuable time modeling it yourself. thinkstep’s Data on Demand service delivers the data you need, when you need it. It offers convenience and speed to LCA practitioners and is a cost-effective way to obtain specific datasets without purchasing an entire database.

We have many thousands of life cycle datasets already in stock and may be able to simply compile them for you.


Get additional quality LCI data when you need it - fast & easy

Tap into more than 13,000 datasets in our master database and improve accuracy of your LCA results

Get expert support to define your requirements and answer any questions you may have

Compatible with your existing GaBi data and upgraded annually

ISO conform

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